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Dental Practice + Buildings For Sale (1 Hour North of Toronto – Close to Barrie)

Note: The address we are using is not precise, but it is close. The exact address is contained in the practice appraisal, which will be provided only to DentalPlace registrants and accountholders who put in a request.

New Asking Price: 1.1-million for the Practice and 3.4-million for the Multiple Buildings.

Note: Seller Would Entertain Selling Practice Alone, but for MORE than 1.1-million.

Amazing Location + Lots of Free Parking + Area and Practice Growing Quickly + Lots of Potential + Priced To Sell Quick!!!

Dentist (Who Also Owns And Is Selling The Building) Is Motivated To Sell To Pursue Other Business Opportunities (Non-Dental). Dentist Is Available For A Transition. Practice Was Recently Appraised By Matt Bladowski of Dental Strategy For Only $1.057-million Based On:

  • Big + Beautiful Office + Ground Floor (In a Commercial Building)
  • Amazing Location With Ample Free Parking
  • 4 Ops Equipped + 1 More Available (Plumbed)
  • No other GPs In The Area
  • 3,000 Square Feet + Vacant Unit Adjacent
  • Ample FREE Parking
  • Open: 5 Days a Week (Closed on Weekends)
  • Limited Hours: Can Be Open In the Afternoons and Evenings on Certain Weekdays
  • Marketing + Website + Social Media = All Excellent
  • Production: ~1-million For the Last 12 Months (December 1, 2022 to November 30, 2023)
  • Only 28k of Accounts Receivable (As Of March 31, 2023)
  • ~970 active patients
  • Out Of Overall Billings, Diagnosis Was 15%, Hygiene Was 27%, and Restorative Was 27%. The Rest Was A Spread Out Mix of Endo, Surgery, Ortho, Perio, etc.
  • 333 New Patients in Fiscal Year 2023
  • State Of The Art Equipment And Digital X-Rays
  • Staff On Contracts

Be The Landlord!

The Selling Dentist Also Owns The Building That Houses The Dental Practice, Commercial And Residential Buildings With Tenants Adjacent To The Dental Practice And The Parking Lot (All Appraised At 3.6 million). Wowza! There’s a LOT of Potential For This HUGE Space (Multi-Tenanted + Vacant Unit Beside The Dental Practice For Possible Expansion)! The Building Is In A Great Part Of Town!

Opportunities For Buyers

  • Keep Referrals In House (Practice Refers out a LOT of cases each year)
  • Keep the Office Open For Longer Hours
  • Physically Expand The Practice (Equip The 5th Op + Expand To Vacant Unit Next Door)

Appraisal (Practice)

The Practice Was Recently Appraised By Dental Strategy for ONLY 1.057 million (Conservative Given All The Upswing). Talk About Priced To Sell Quick!!! You Can Download The Appraisal Right Now By Signing Into

Appraisal (Property)

The Buildings (It’s A Mix Of Commercial And Residential Standalone Buildings All Beside Each Other Plus The Very BIG Parking Lot) Was Just Appraised For 3.60-million. The Building Appraisal Will Be Sent To Everyone Who Registers For the Open House.

WARNING! Do NOT call the practice or visit the premises without a registered appointment. Doing so will constitute a breach of confidentiality, and you will be de-registered and banned from this site.


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Please note that the pictures used in this listing ARE NOT of the actual practice to maintain confidentiality. For specific images and practice details, please download the appraisal report.

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