Your One-Stop Shop To Sell

Who Are We?

We are Canada's largest, dental-only law firm. Named after the founding Partners, David Mayzel and Michael Carabash, DMC started working exclusively for dentists in 2011. We quickly grew to be a household name among Ontario dentists. We educated dentists and dental students on business and legal matters via seminars, articles and even dental school presentations. We helped dentists negotiate associate agreements, incorporate, buy / sell, and put their team members on contract.

2015 was seminal for 2 reasonsWe started preparing, marketing and selling dental practices. We also started our first Dental Outreach Program.  Both have grown exponentially.

Why Do Dentists Use Us?

We Are Not Your Typical Lawyers.  We Only Work For Dentists. We Help Dentists Sell and Buy Practice (we know both angles, but we only work for one side in a deal).

We Also Understand Dental Practice Metrics and How Practices Are Valued.

We Try to Anticipate and Address Problematic Legal Areas. Like Not Having Team Members on Proper Contracts (We'll Take Care of It).  Or Having a Bad Lease (We'll Talk To Your Landlord).  Or Having a Poorly Set Up Corporation for Saving Taxes (We'll Clean It Up).

We Know Dentists Want Cost-Certainty and Value for Service.  That's Why We Don't Charge Commissions. Rather, We Provide Fixed-Free Quotes for Our Services during a complimentary 60-minute Phone Call.  You're Never Tied to Us and We Get Most of Our Money on Closing.  We Make it Easy.

Besides All of That, We Wear Our Heart on Our Sleeves.  We Are Truly Passionate about Serving Those in need.  That's Why, When You Sell With Us, We May Ask You to Come Volunteer in the Caribbean to Fix Teeth and / or make a Financial or Equipment Donation.  We Aren't Just Lawyers.  We're People, Helping People.

But Do We Know Buyers?

Is That a Trick Question?  There are over 2,300 verified Ontario dentist buyers on this website alone (some of whom are our own clients, but who we do not represent when we are selling a practice).  These are buyers who we have vetted and who have signed our Confidentiality Agreement.

Besides that, we send eBlasts out to between 4,000-5,000 dentists across Ontario of our new listings, showcasing basic (but still confidential) information - like general location, size, ops, and financial metrics.

In addition to online marketing, we also speak with our own clients (who have been looking to buy practices for a long time), and other professional advisors (e.g. bankers, accountants, dental suppliers, consultants, etc.).  We set dates for open houses and when Letters of Intent are to be submitted by.  We also conduct OPEN HOUSES and are present during chart audits and equipment inspections.  All of our marketing efforts result in you getting the HIGHEST BID (sometimes a bidding war ensues) for your practice.  And once again the best part is that you don’t have to pay commissions!

You Sell Once. We Do It 24/7.

Selling is a complex ride.  Financials. Lease. Team Contracts. Corporation. Assets. Shares. Associating After. Tax.  For the Selling Dentist, it's often an Emotional Rollercoaster.

Well, here's the good news: It May Be Your First Rodeo, but it ISN'T Ours!

This is what we do. Each and every day, every week, every year (even on Sundays, when we are running open houses). Remember: We do 10-day dental outreach trips throughout the year in the Caribbean.

We know the players and the process. And we believe that we’re good at what we do because we take pride in our work. We’re with you during this important part of your journey. And we don’t just come in at the end to push some paper and make your transaction happen. We want to work with you from the beginning to ensure you get the best deal possible (your rights are protected and your interests are promoted).

Unfortunately, others who want to get involved in selling your practice are not lawyers and therefore cannot advise you or represent you on legal issues. They CANNOT incorporate your practice, advise you of the risks of accepting/rejecting an LOI, explain the ramifications of employee related liabilities, or deal with the landlord to address detrimental clauses in your lease.

Yup, that’s right: the Buck Stops with us Lawyers.  We’re the ones who work the transaction from the start to the end and who CLOSE the transaction for you. We deal with all third parties on your behalf to help ensure a smooth transition (to the extent it can be smooth).

Let Us Worry For You.  And If We Aren't Worried About Your Transaction, You Shouldn't Be.  So Sit Back and Relax: You're in the Best Possible Hands to Sell.