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Who Are We?

DentalPlace is a unique, simple and powerful way to evaluate an exclusive range of dental practices for sale from established dentists.

Created in 2015 by DMC LLP, Canada's largest dental-only law firm, DentalPlace can help match you with the right seller. Because it's more than just numbers, it's about finding the right fit for your future. We are committed to ensuring an easy, informative and beneficial process for buyers and sellers by including key practice details and free downloadable appraisals in all our listings.

Whether you are buying your first practice or looking to invest in multiple practices, we are here to answer any questions to help you make an informed decision.

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An Easier Way to Buy

DentalPlace offers you a marketplace of exclusive practice listings, detailed appraisals, and an organized search engine to help you find the practice you are looking for quicker and easier than ever.

  • Search by location, price, practice size and more to hone in on the practice that fits your unique needs.
  • Our third-party appraisals provide accurate and unbiased information, including a detailed report of property values, equipment, staff and other assets associated with the practice.
  • Sign up for a free tour with one of our lawyers to get answers to all your questions before submitting an offer.

Finding a dental practice can be daunting, and we want to ensure you have all the information available to make a good decision for your future. So,  join over 2300 Ontario dentists and register for a DentalPlace account today!

Buy with Confidence

We are not your typical lawyers - we only work for dentists.

We have been helping dentists buy and sell their practices since 2011, and we have seen that the best transactions are where the right seller and buyer match in a way that will see the incoming dentist successful and happy in a thriving practice. So, we spend as much time talking to potential buyers to find out what they are looking for as we do our sellers.

By taking the time to understand your unique needs and goals, we can share our experience with you on the benefits and disadvantages of different practice options. Then, we work to match you with the ideal dental practice to fit your needs while making the process as easy and transparent as possible for both sides.

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Selling on DentalPlace

Selling your dental practice is a complex ride – financials, lease negotiations, team contracts, corporate organization, assets, shares, transition planning and more. For an unprepared seller, it's often an emotional rollercoaster.

Well, here's the good news: we do this every day. So, we know the players and the process. And we're here to work with you from the start to the end of the sale.

As dental lawyers, we can review, prepare and negotiate complex legal documents for your sale. But we also manage the marketing to help buyers find your practice. In addition to private and email marketing, we list your practice on DentalPlace, where over 2,300 verified and vetted Ontario dentist buyers are searching for their next practice.

And the best part is we don't charge commissions. Instead, we provide fixed-rate quotes for our services. We make it easy so you can relax, knowing you and your practice are in the best possible hands.