Brampton Dental Practice | 199



Sq. ft


Size of Office (Approx)


Number of operatories




ASKING PRICE (REDUCED): 1.4-million (down from 1.7-million)

A large, long standing and well established dental practice in a busy part of Brampton with a loyal and consistent patient base. This practice traditionally averages ~35% hygiene production and ~33% adjusted cashflow (before doctor compensation). There is lots of room and opportunity to increase production or merge your existing practice into this desired location. Recently appraised by Dental Strategy for $1,686,000, with:

  • 9 operatories
  • Production For Calendar Year 2023 was ~$1.6-million
  • Production for Fiscal Year 2022 was ~$1,439M
  • Production for Fiscal Year 2021 (covid adjusted) was ~$1,394M
  • Production for Fiscal Year 2020 (covid adjusted) was ~$1,552M
  • Non-Assignment Active Patients: ~ 2,775 per appraisal

The selling dentist is prepared to assist the purchasing dentist with the transition (6-12 months at 40%).


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