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Recent Listings

Downtown Toronto Practice | 195

  • Status: Available
  • Production: $1000000
  • Square Feet: 1800 (sq. ft) (Approx)
  • Operatories: 5

Vaughan Dental Practice | 193

  • Status: Conditionally Sold
  • Production: $975000
  • Square Feet: 1800 (sq. ft) (Approx)
  • Operatories: 6

Richmond Hill Dental Practice | 192

  • Status: Conditionally Sold
  • Production: $600000
  • Square Feet: 2200 (sq. ft) (Approx)
  • Operatories: 6

Newmarket Dental Practice | 190

  • Status: Conditionally Sold
  • Production: $3000000
  • Square Feet: 2000 (sq. ft) (Approx)
  • Operatories: 6

Hamilton Dental Practice | 189

  • Status: Conditionally Sold
  • Production: $1125000
  • Square Feet: 1500 (sq. ft) (Approx)
  • Operatories: 4

Mississauga Dental Practice | 186

  • Status: Available
  • Production: $1700000
  • Square Feet: 2000 (sq. ft) (Approx)
  • Operatories: 4


When it came time for us to look at selling our dental practice, we turned to DMC to help us with the process. They explained things clearly and helped us find a buyer for our practice who we feel will be able to continue our tradition of delivering quality care in a positive and inclusive environment. We feel that using DMC added value to our practice sale and gave us peace of mind with the decisions that we made. It was a great experience and we would highly recommend their services to any dentist who is looking for expert legal advice or to buy or sell a dental practice!

Dr. S

DMC LLP did a great job getting buyers interested in my practice and I received multiple offers. The transaction was very smooth, closed on time, and I am so happy that I did not have to pay a real estate salesperson 10% of the purchase price. I saved tens of thousands of dollars by having DMC do everything from start to finish. I would definitely recommend them to other dentists. These guys are awesome!

Dr. D, DDS

To my fellow dentists, if you are interested in selling your practice they are the way to go. If you have staffing problems, they have the legal expertise. If you wish to buy an office or have other dental issues they have the right answers.

Dr. B, DDS

Thank you so much for all your help! Thanks to your team, I managed to go through one of the most stressful times in my life, trying and succeeding to buy a dental office for the first time. What helped me tremendously was the fact that you were a phone call away all the time. There were moments when I didn’t know what to expect, I felt like had no control over the situation and I was worried. But each time you guys were there for me, not only solving all the problems and taking care of every detail of the transaction but encouraging and supporting me. It really meant a lot to me. Thank you again to all of you at DMC LLP!

Dr. M.N., DDS

Just wanted to thank you for your help today. You have responded to my inquiry in such a prompt and professional manner. Just wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciated it. Will talk soon. Thanks

Dr. M.R.

I was in the process of searching for a dental practice when my daughter found DMC’s website. From the moment I first spoke with Michael I felt reassured. He took the time to listen to my concerns and to answer all my questions. More than that, he went the extra mile and contacted various other professionals that would play an important role in the process of finding and purchasing the best business for my needs. DMC had a great team who worked together and were dedicated to making the purchasing process very easy and pleasant. I highly recommend DMC as exceptional lawyers, who will go above and beyond for you and your business. They are not only the best lawyers, but great people to work with.

Dr. M.C.

I wanted to sell my practice and asked DMC LLP if they knew anyone looking to buy. They put me in touch with a few dentists, some of whom came to see my practice, and one of them turned out to be the ideal purchaser. I ended up selling my practice very quickly to that dentist in what turned out to be a smooth transaction (thanks to DMC). Thanks guys!

Dr. A, DDS

It was very nice dealing with DMC LLP. They were very fast in returning my emails, phone calls. I always got an answer to my questions. They are professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and funny too. You don’t feel stressed while going through a stressful process. Thank you.

Dr. Z, DDS

In contemplation and navigation of a purchasing endeavour, David and Michael work as a supportive team to both help me realize my goal and stay true to myself in the process. Their collaborative efforts are refreshing with value added extras along the way. Thanks for your guidance and candor along the way!

Dr. C.Z.

Working with DMC was a great experience. Michael was knowledgeable, organized and very responsive to phone calls and emails. He truly went the extra mile in making sure the deal closed. Even the purchaser’s lawyer made a comment that he was impressed with Michael’s organization and thoroughness. I would encourage anyone seeking legal counsel when purchasing or selling a dental practice to give DMC a call.

Dr. J.Y., DDM

I wanted to thank DMC for all your help and great work. I really appreciated all the time and effort you took to explain things to us and guide us in the right direction. Having watched how some of the other lawyers are doing things, it has only confirmed what I already and thought about your practice. I felt the sense of caring and attention that you provided was really over and above the call of duty! Looking forward to having more time to spend with you guys socially and to many, many, many future business opportunities.

Dr. L, DDS

DMC is very knowledgeable in the dental field. It would be a waste of time hiring a lawyer that does not have dental experience. They are fast and extremely efficient. Questions were answered in detail and quickly. They research, lecture and write articles frequently. It shows their interest in dentistry goes far beyond the basics. Their role in our community is paramount. Thank you for your very excellent work.

Dr. E.P.

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Since 2011, David Mayzel and Michael Carabash have led DMC to become Canada's largest dental-only law firm.  We help Ontario dentists start, scale, and sell their practices while saving them time, headache and money.

We Know the Metrics (financials, patients, procedures, etc.).  We Manage the Sale from Start to Finish (including Marketing and Running Open Houses to Sell Practices). We Anticipate and Address Problematic Areas. And We Don't Sugarcoat Anything.

We also Set Up Temporary Dental Clinics (20 ops sometimes) in the Caribbean Multiple times Per Year. We Donate Money, Purchase (and Ask Our Seller Dentists to do so too) Dental Equipment and also Work with Henry Schein to Donate Sundries.  Our Selling Dentists Find Our Dental Outreach Programs Very Rewarding and Satisfying.

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